My Husband’s Response to Surrogacy

When I met Micah, I was 15 years old.  We met at a Fazoli’s in Ashland, KY in our American Eagle gear with breadsticks in hand.  I doubt he looked at me back then and thought, “This is going to be the mother of my children,” let alone, “This chick is going to look great carrying my sister’s baby in her womb one day.”  But here we are, 17 years later with a ton of memories, a used mini van, 3 kids of our own, and a story to tell.

I’ve received tons of questions from people who are curious about surrogacy.  I’ve talked on the phone with curious women who were contemplating surrogacy, but unsure of how their spouse might respond.  Micah and I decided to do this video for anyone who might be curious about how this impacted our marriage and how we supported each other along the way.

Feel free to check this out and share it, pin it, and ask us more questions.

2 thoughts on “My Husband’s Response to Surrogacy

  1. Rachel, I never realized how much you look like your mother! I love your comment to your husband, “I’ve pulled you into a lot of things.” 😊 I’m sure Gene can relate. I just never thought of this one! ❤️ I really doubt that I would have been that brave, though. I would have talked myself out of it because of my kids. But, ironically, it’s the times our kids see us give ourselves away that have the biggest impact on their character. Love you for your courage, faith, and generous heart! What a beautiful, miraculous gift! I also love your discussion about God calling people into things they’re not pre-gifted in. He did that all the time in the Bible!

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