7×7 Prayer Challenge

Prayer Challenge

I’m guessing that if you’ve scrolled through your Facebook feed recently, you’ve seen a lot of people asking for prayers. We could all use a prayer, but sometimes, I feel like God lays certain people on my heart to pray for very intently.  It was near the end of 2017 when a sweet friend of mine went through a very traumatic experience.  There was nothing I could do for her to help her heartache go away.  All I knew to do was to pray, but it didn’t feel enough.  I decided to make a commitment to continually pray for my friend.  Shortly after, this little prayer challenge was born.  It’s actually very simple.

7 People.  7 Days per week.

  1. Ask God to put 7 people on your heart.
  2. Write a prayer for each of those people and save those prayers in the notes section of your phone.
  3. Set an alarm on your phone for each day of the week.  Title those alarms with the names you are praying for.  (For example, your Monday alarm might say, “John,” and your Tuesday alarm might say, “Beth.”)
  4. Wherever you are when that alarm goes off daily, stop what you are doing, open that prayer in your phone, and say that prayer for that person.

Who Should I Pray For?

  • Someone who you know is hurting
  • Someone who you know needs to find Jesus
  • Someone who you struggle to get along with or someone who you find offensive – not a prayer for them to change or to learn a lesson, but for them to be immersed in blessings and the overwhelming power of God’s love for them
  • Someone who is struggling to meet a goal or fulfill a desire
  • A child of yours or a spouse
  • A co-worker you don’t know well at all.
  • The future spouse of your child (even if your child is only 2 weeks old!)
  • Your child’s teacher
  • Your pastor
  • A leader you respect
  • A leader you struggle to respect


My Why.

Remove the Veil

I’ve been putting this off for a long time.  I’m busy, but I’m also scared.  Scared to make the leap, and most of all, scared to let go and be as real as I know I need to be.  I hope you’ll come here and find comfort, inspiration, empathy, and authenticity.  I hope we’ll learn together how to be bold without sacrificing kindness.  My life looks pretty good on Facebook and Instagram, and the truth is that my life is good.  I’m blessed beyond measure, but I have a ton of imperfections and struggles that I’ve hidden from people for the sake of privacy pride.

My Hope.

I want to give people in the cyber world a breath of fresh air by showing them transparency.  I’m done comparing myself to the versions of people I see on Facebook.  I’m ready to reveal my issues to you.  I’m ready for you to see that I’m not perfect and that my family isn’t perfect either.  I’m ready for you to see me without my makeup.  Without my kids all hugging and smiling.  Without my pride.  I’m ready to be real and for us all to take one huge sigh of relief together as we acknowledge that beauty isn’t found in the fairy tale.  Beauty is found in the crazy, the sweat, the deep set wrinkles, and the mess.  Fluff is just fluff and I don’t want to be a fluffy woman.  I want to be strong, and to be strong, I have to be ok with showing you when I’m not.

As I remove my veil, I hope you’ll remove yours too.  I hope you’ll look around and see a whole new social media without the perfect appearance.  I hope you’ll find a community of women who care more about joy, growth, and empowerment than they do about an airbrushed, filtered image.

My Mission.


Take off the blindfold. See behind the screen.  Abandon the mask.  Real, authentic beauty is behind the veil.  Remove the veil.